Valentine's Day Guide: Gifts for Her

Ideas and Inspiration for Expressing Your Love for the Special Woman in Your Life

Are you running out of ideas on how to make Valentine's day perfect for the special woman in your life?

We have some inspirational ideas on how you can "gift" outside the box to make memories and brighten her face with a beautiful smile! The mass-produced heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and floral arranged roses are great, but imagine surprising her with something she would never dream of getting on the "day of love."

Gift "Outside the Box"

Lovers all over the world have created unique ways to express their love on Valentine's. Those expressions range from the traditional box of chocolates and roses to quirky acts of proclaiming their undying love for one another. 

The global trend of "lovelocking" has found its way from Europe to the U.S. with "love locks" showing up all over the country. A couple attaches an engraved padlock on a bridge, pass over, and waterfront fencing as a declaration of love. Guess where the key goes? It's tossed away, so the lock (aka their love) is never opened (aka broken.) Los Angeles' Shoreline Village has its own dedicated "lovelock" shoreline fence where lovers are quickly filling up the fence with their padlocks.

Most of us may not go to the extreme of hanging padlocks on public property, but we do want to make Valentine's special. Let's face it; Valentine's day can be stressful, trying to find the right gift. What if you could box up your love, passion, respect, admiration, and appreciation by giving her something over the top and something she will always remember?

Whether you are looking for something romantic, quirky, unique, or conservatively enjoyable, we have you covered!

Wives, Partners, Girlfriends, and Fiances

Juliet's Mailbox

Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet" infamously tells the story of two lovers and the passionate love they shared. In Verona, Italy, a small mailbox rests near Juliet's Wall, where lovers from all over the world visit and leave letters in the mailbox. 

Create the magic of your own love story by giving your love a replica of Juliet's Mailbox with your love letter tucked away inside. Make it a tradition to leave a love letter in the mailbox every year on Valentine's day. 

Add a special touch by including one of David Von's Letter Collection pieces of jewelry.

Madonna Inn— San Luis Obispo California

Guys, pink may not be your thing, but trust me, your lady will absolutely love the Madonna Inn's bubblegum pink theme. Disguised behind a swiss chalet exterior, the magic of a pink wonderland welcomes you the moment you open the intricately carved wooden doorway. 

You can take your love for an overnight stay in one of the 110 whimsical themed guest rooms, or make a day trip to enjoy dinner and pink champagne cake in the pinked-out restaurant. This is a must-go-to if you really want to make a lasting impression.

Give her a gift to remember a trip to the Madonna Inn with a heart pendant necklace from David Von.

Hot-Air Balloon Adventure

There's nothing more romantic than the quiet presence of you, your love, and the wind as you sip champagne on a hot air balloon ride. Many proposals have taken place on these adventures for two. Whether you are planning to propose, or you want to share a beautiful sunrise or sunset with your love, this adventure will certainly be momentous. 

You can surprise her while in flight with a beautiful gift to remember the occasion with one of David Von's beautiful delicate diamond-encrusted pieces of jewelry.

Immersive Sound Bathing

For the woman who never stops to relax, sound bathing is a perfect gift to give to her. This form of relaxation is unique and effective in calming busy thoughts. The sensation of sounds penetrating your body induces a complete state of peace. 

You both may find that this becomes a routine activity as a couple to not only connect with one another, but with yourselves. Sound bathing is done in a studio, under the moon, on the beach, or at a private residence. 

Add a little something special with the gift of sound bathing by giving her a David Von Infinity Diamond bracelet. What better way to convey the importance of mind and body connection than the symbol of infinity?

Mothers, Aunties, Grandmothers

Finding the perfect way to express your love on Valentine's day for the women in your life who raised you can be challenging. However, we have two ideas to embrace her on the day of love. Surprise her with a timeless piece of jewelry such as pearls, a rhinestone brooch, or David Von's classic Diamond Pearl Necklace.

An Old-Fashioned Picnic With a Modern Twist

Take her for a relaxing stroll through a beautiful botanical garden, Chinese garden, or arboretum. 

The simple things of admiring the beauty of flora and fauna are widely enjoyed among women. If mom, auntie, or grandma has physical limitations in walking, don't forget to plan ahead with assisted mobility options. After your stroll, enjoy a picnic on the grounds or designated area. 

Girls of All Ages

Whether you have a small daughter, elderly mother or grandmother, or a millennial gal in your life, you want to surprise on Valentine's; we have something girls of all ages love. A little girl who shared tea with her dolls and bears never outgrew those tea parties. 

Take your gal to a tea room to recreate those tea parties! There is something magical about a tea party and the delicate pastries and finger foods that accompany the clanking of crystal teacups. Although this is not something we guys ordinarily do, we can make the exception for her to show how much we love and cherish her. 

Reservations are highly recommended because tea rooms are often booked ahead for special occasions like Valentine's day.

As the waitstaff brings the beautifully tiered plates of scones, pastries, and sandwiches, you can slip a small gift in there to surprise her with. A delicate piece of David Von jewelry will serve as something to remind her of this special time of sharing tea together!

The Little Girls in Our Life

We don't want to forget the little girls in our lives when Valentine's day approaches. As fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and brothers, spending time with our little girl is something she will always remember. 

In this modern-day and age, putting on a feather boa, crown, and sipping tea with the little girl in our life is admired. Modern-day dads embrace celebrating special times with their daughters regardless of what the situation calls for. 

As long as he can make her happy and show her his love, he'll do anything! No matter what you decide to do to celebrate that little girl, give her something to remember the day with.

Make Your Loved One's Valentine's Day Count

There are so many ways you can get creative in celebrating Valentine's Day for the woman (and girls) in your life. Always strive to give a little bit of yourself in any gift you give. 

At David Von, we love being able to be a small part of the gifted memories our customers entrust us with. Every piece of our jewelry has been lovingly created to be the perfect expression of your love for the woman in your life. We are always available to help you find the perfect gift for her. 

May you and your loved one have a memorable Valentine's day!