Handmade Custom Jewelry

At A Price You Can't Resist!

Legacy of Craftsmanship

David Von pieces are crafted with a family-owned production house with over four decades of experience. David Von's direct partnership with the production house allows us to cut out the middle man and pass the savings onto the consumer.


Fine Jewelry. No concession

The Highest Quality

Real Gold, Natural Diamonds, Honestly Priced. An investment that feels as good as it looks. Natural is Real, Real is rare, Rare is a diamond.

The Fairest Price

We think that selling jewelery at 10x the cost is absurd. By partnering with a wholesaler we are able to bring you the best in luxury at a fraction of the price.

A Good Investment

Unlike many other retailers we only sell natural diamonds. We never sell lab created diamonds. Due to supply and demand natural diamonds hold their value because their is a limited total supply of them. Lab grown diamonds on the other hand have an unlimited supply and the value will continue to decrease as they continue to produce more.


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