Star Earrings You Can Wear For a Simple Stunning Look

Looking for a way to add a bit of sparkle to your day— but not too much sparkle? Are you on the edge of wanting something simple, yet stunning? 

Whether it’s in the office, on a dinner date, or out running an errand, you’ll be sure to turn heads everywhere you go with star earrings from David Von. Even if you are working from home, these earrings can be a form of self-care and help you stand out in Zoom video calls. 

Here’s how you can complete any look with these star earrings by David Von. 

1. Running an Errand on the Town

Weekends are for getting everything reset and refreshed for the week ahead. Why not add these simple, stunning star earrings to freshen up any casual weekend look? 

Whether you’re out at Whole Foods picking up your favorite groceries or wandering the aisles of Target, forgetting why you landed in their seasonal aisle to begin with, these simple studs are sure to add the perfect amount of dazzle to your comfy outfit. Looking put together and unique is complete with these simple star earrings. 

2. Lunch Date

Your lifelong bestie just told you she’s in town, and the two of you planned a much-needed lunch date to catch up and enjoy bottomless mimosas. These star earrings by David Von pair perfectly with any outfit, for any occasion, including a lunch date on the patio of your favorite cafe. 

Put them on with a pair of your favorite jeans and a loose-fitting blouse, and you’re ready to take on mimosas and endless laughs today. The great thing about these studs is that they are simple and don’t add too much bling to your look. 

Perfect for the calm, cool, collected babe with a little bit of the cosmos at heart. 

3. At the Office

Your outfits for work just got a major upgrade with these effortless earrings. Add them to any look, and you’ll be sure to create curious stares as you walk through the office Monday morning. Plus, these simple star earrings by David Von are not too flashy and sit right at the ear lobe, creating a stunning comeback for stud style earrings. 

Both the outline star diamond studs and the star-studded diamond earrings are simple, unique, and available in gold, white gold, and rose gold. Having a go-to earring in a variety of colors just made dressing for work easy and fun!

4. Dinner Date

You just got off work, and your spouse, boyfriend, or lover just asked you to dinner at your favorite low-lit atmosphere bar with the tastiest cocktails and delicious mixed drinks. What better way to transition from day to night with earrings that just keep adding to your fresh city style?

Whether you decide on spicing up your black cocktail dress or adding some mystery to your best date night outfit, these simple star stud earrings add a simple yet stunning amount of dazzle to any ordinary look.

5. Holiday Gatherings

These star stud earrings by David Von are the perfect holiday pairing to any cozy holiday sweater or scarf. Add a cup of cheer to your hand, and you’re sure to be feeling all of the magic this holiday season. 

Your friends and family will appreciate your cozy holiday look with a simple, festive touch. No matter the holiday, these earrings are effortless and easy to pair with any outfit or style that you choose that day!

If it’s summertime, these earrings are sure to complete any adorable 4th of July outfit!

6. Wedding Date

So your bestie is finally tying the knot, and you can’t wait to dress up for one incredible night? These Star-Studded Earrings pair beautifully with any occasion! You are sure to turn heads with these cosmic stars while you dance the night away with the new bride. We love these studs for being so dainty, simple, yet stunning for any event.

7. Girls Night Out

We think these star-studded earrings by David Von are your next best everyday essential. Perfect for your next girls’ night out with your tribe of boss-babes! These earrings are so dainty but are packed with just the right amount of dazzle. 

And who doesn’t love stars? 2020 needs the stars to align, and so do you with a pair of David Von’s star studs.

8. Beach Days

The outline star diamond earrings are simply the best choice when taking a vacation to the beach! They are so lightweight and are sure to compliment your favorite bikini set and beachy cover-up. 

You’ll hit the beach looking as sparkling as the stars on your earlobes! Put them on and instantly feel your very own star power while the waves crash at your feet. Tan on, girl!

9. Meetings

These star studs by David Von are so easy to make a statement during your next all-day work meetings. They add just the right amount of dazzle to your look and dress up any casual office outfit. 

Your colleagues will enjoy your choice of wearing them during that tedious meeting you have coming up! Be the light that shines on, and choose from the outline star earrings or star-studded earrings by David Von.

If you are working remotely, as most of us are these days, then you are probably participating in video calls. These earrings would make the perfect complement to the touch of makeup you put on for Zoom calls, adding a little sparkle to your virtual co-workers’ days. 

10. At the Gym

Who said your gym attire can’t be stunning, too? Skip the hoops and try a dainty pair of tiny star-shaped studs. With these simple and elegant star studs by David Von, it won’t matter how many reps at the gym you do or how many miles on the treadmill you put in— you will have turned heads and made the best of them drop their weights! 

Pairing a gym session with these simple star studs can uplift your workout, body positivity, and overall enjoyment of your next workout. Why not add these earrings to your matching gym set to complete the star-studded babe that you already are!

Wrap Up

Whether it’s a holiday gathering, a vibin’ dinner date, or a busy day at the office, these simple star stud earrings, available in a variety of colors, are sure to be any gal’s best friend. You can transition from day to night, or errand running to lunch dates, with an effortless addition to your jewelry collection. These days are fast-paced, but your outfits don’t have to be! 

If you need a companion piece for your new earrings, such as a necklace, bracelet, or ring, check out David Von’s best selling pieces. This collection has a wide variety of gorgeous choices from personalized necklaces to dainty bracelets, rings, and more that will go with your fabulous new star studs by David Von. 

Each piece of jewelry is typically available in 14k yellow, white, or rose gold and silver in select pieces. They are handcrafted to add a bit of elegance and simplicity to your personal jewelry collection at home. For a matching accessory to your star earrings, check out the star-studded diamond necklace.

Seeing stars is sure to create wonder and delight in not only your own day but to passerby envious of your casual yet stunning, star-studded look. For tips on how to care for your new earrings, check out the Gemological Institute of America’s guide to caring for jewelry