The Perfect Personalized Gift: Diamond Initial Necklaces

When it comes to giving the perfect jewelry gift for that special person in your life, a personalized touch can go a long way. 

Diamond initial necklaces are trending in 2020, and going the extra mile with a customizable necklace is a great way to show just how much you care. 

Selecting a piece of jewelry can feel like a daunting process. But with a little guidance, you can find the perfect gift that you will feel confident in giving. 

Let’s talk a little bit about why custom diamond necklaces are such a great gift and see if giving one to someone you care about this fall might be the move for you. 

Diamond Initial Necklaces Are Meaningful

Whether you are giving a gift to a romantic partner, a loved one, or a friend, diamond initial necklaces can represent something meaningful. 

While many custom initial necklaces are crafted to showcase oneself, there are many other options as well. 

For example, if you are giving a gift to someone who deeply loved their grandparent, a custom initial necklace of the grandparent’s name might be a great way for a person to carry that memory with them. 

David Von was named after the founder's grandfather, with the company serving as an homage to his core values. While you may not be up to starting your own jewelry company, a grandparents legacy could be carried on through wearing their initials on your person every day. 

Of course, a grandparent is just an example. You could give a necklace that symbolizes any important figure in that person's life, a loved one, or even a cause that they care about deeply

Any meaningful cause or person can be represented by a piece of diamond neckwear from David Von. Some of our customization options include: 

  • every letter of the alphabet at your disposal
  • three or more color options 
  • custom chain lengths 
  • number of letters ranging anywhere from 1-8 

No matter what message you want to send with your gift, it’s all possible with a custom diamond necklace. By giving a gift that is meaningful, you’ll demonstrate to that person that you care about their interests and listen to what is most important to them. 

Diamond Necklaces Are Timeless

If you are giving a gift as sentimental and important as jewelry, you will want to make sure that it doesn’t lose value or go out of style. 

Diamonds are always a great way to ensure that no matter how trends change, the necklace you give will always stand the test of time.

A sleek, simple, beautiful design can go a long way. All of the styles at David Von are handcrafted in Los Angeles, California, and are the pinnacle of beauty and luxury. 

Giving gifts can be stressful sometimes because you don’t want to get it wrong. So go with the tried and true method: Handcrafted diamonds by some of the industries leading designers in California. 

You’ll love when years down the road you see the diamond pendant you gave still being worn around the person’s neck. When something never goes out of style, there is no need to replace it. 

Diamonds just keep on giving, because they will always be valuable, elegant, and sought-after. Giving jewelry doesn’t have to be risky—when in doubt, go with diamonds! 

A Custom Necklace Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Many times, when people think of jewelry (especially diamonds), they think of a substantial investment that will break the bank. 

But this doesn’t have to be the case—if the jewelry is priced fairly. 

Jewelry businesses that sell jewelry at 10x the cost are absurd. By partnering with a wholesaler, sellers like us are able to bring you the best in luxury at a fraction of the price. 

Finding the best price is important. After all, if the person you are giving the gift to wants you to go broke in the process of buying a diamond necklace, they’re probably not the type of person you want to be giving such a heartfelt gift to anyway. 

Understanding how to get a fair price for your jewelry is important. You don’t want to be duped by a salesman who is on the hunt for a commission, rather than buying from a trusted source whose intention is to match you with a great piece of jewelry at a fair price. 

And when the moment finally comes to give the gift of a diamond initial necklace, you won’t have to be thinking about the money you spent, because you can be confident you got a fair price. 

Instead, you can watch the joy and excitement on that special person’s face as they place the pendant around their neck. 

The Right Diamond is a Good Investment

Natural diamonds hold their value. 

Unlike lab-created diamonds, which greatly decrease in value as time goes on, natural diamonds can be seen as an investment. 

Due to supply and demand, natural diamonds hold their value because there will always be a limited supply. 

Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, have an unlimited supply. This leads to a decrease in value as time goes on because more and more can always be produced. 

You want to give a gift that is worth something as time passes. Not only are lab-grown, synthetic diamonds less meaningful because they don’t come naturally from the earth, but they are also prone to losing their value quickly. 

It’s not that the person you are giving the diamond necklace to would ever resell it, but perhaps they would one day like to pass it down. The ability to give natural, beautiful diamonds that can be passed down from generation to generation is the ultimate gift. 

Luxury and Customization Go Hand In Hand

Like any rare or desirable thing, customization leads to luxury. 

You wouldn't buy a generic car when you could have one with a sunroof, seat warmers, and a touch screen music system.

The same goes for buying diamond necklaces. 

You don’t want to give a gift that everyone already has. No one wants to be caught wearing the exact same necklace as someone else! 

That’s why customizing initials, chain colors, and more can help your gift to stand out amongst the crowd. Giving a customized gift proves that you have put real thought and effort into the piece you selected, thus making it feel more heartfelt. 

Whoever you are giving the gift of a customized diamond pendant to; make them feel pampered with a luxurious piece of jewelry that shows off all the great things they want to represent. 

Final Thoughts

Giving a piece of jewelry to someone special in your life can be a stressful experience. 

But it doesn’t have to be. 

Diamond initial necklaces are the perfect personalized gift because they are:

  • In style, while still remaining timeless 
  • Meaningful 
  • Affordable
  • Luxurious 
  • A good investment 

You can impress that special person in your life with a custom gift that will show how much you care about them. 

Now you don’t have to worry about giving someone a piece that is generic, boring, artificial, or out of style. 

Buying a custom diamond necklace for someone you can deeply about is the perfect way to demonstrate your love and attention towards that person. 

So stop reading this article and start shopping! Because it’s always a great time to give.