Is It Safe to Buy Jewelry Online?

If you are new to buying jewelry online, you are probably wondering about how safe it is. Buying luxury jewelry online can be exciting, and you can find a broader range of products than you could in person at a store.

However, when investing in luxury jewelry, you want to be sure that you are being safe. You always want to visit reputable websites so that you know that you are getting what you pay for- and are not being taken advantage of. 

David Von takes your security very seriously. We always ensure that you are protected when you shop with us— making us the safest online jewelry store.

We have some advice for you in today’s post on how to buy jewelry online. It is safe, as long as you pay attention to what websites you are on. David Von jewelry is always authentic and quality-made when you buy through our official site, but you will want to be safe when browsing other stores.

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Safety Tips for Shopping for Jewelry Online

You will want to do your best to avoid websites that run poorly or seem to have little effort put into them; legitimate companies will almost always have a lot of effort put into their sites since they are the “face” of their online store.

How to Tell if They’re Legit

Legitimate websites will always include an “About Us” page explaining who they are, what they sell, and how they got their start. If you can not find an “About Us” page or it seems to look sketchy, then chances are the site is not legit.

If you need an example of a good “About Us” page, you can check out ours. Notice how much of our history and background we have included. Trust is important when shopping online, so a business’s website should be willing to provide you with a great deal of information.

Do You Know if They’re an Authorized Retailer?

Buying luxury jewelry online can be dangerous if you are unfamiliar with the brand you want to buy. Counterfeits and scams can happen. Before you buy anything, check if the site you are buying from is an “authorized retailer” for the brand you are looking at.

You can do this easily by visiting the jewelry designer’s official webpage; they often will have lists available for you to look at. If the site you were thinking about buying from is not listed, then you will want to avoid it. They are likely to be fake.

Is Their Site Secure?

This is what you should be most concerned about when buying jewelry online. Secure sites are crucial to protecting your payment information, among other things. Even if the website belongs to the actual jewelry designers, your information could still be stolen if it is not secure.

One way to tell is if the URL starts with “https” and has a lock icon. You will want to be certain that both of those signs are there when you go to check out. There are a lot of signs that a website is safe, so be sure that you are constantly on the lookout for them when buying anything online.

If you want a good example of a safe site, check out our products. You will notice a lock icon at the top in the address bar. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, will you be able to see our contact information, address, and links to our About Us and Privacy Policy— all signs of a safe and secure website.

Are the Prices Too Good to Be True?

When buying luxury jewelry, most people realize that low prices are often too good to be true. Always keep in mind that there is a difference in finding a good deal and finding something impossibly low— the latter will likely be a counterfeit.

There are ways to tell if your gold jewelry is fake; however, you can rest assured that our products are always made from real, quality materials.

Avoid Hitting Ads

Many websites make use of popup ads that encourage you to click on them. If you notice a good deal in an advertisement like that, be sure to go to the company website directly to see if the offer is legit.

These ads have the potential to be fake, and some even are trying to get you to enter your information for identity theft or phishing— so be sure not to enter anything if you accidentally click on one. Simply back out of the ad.

We do not have ads like that on our page; most legitimate websites do not. No matter what page you are on, you will want to avoid any sketchy advertisements that you come across.

Use Secure Wi-Fi

You do not want to buy anything on an unsecured or public Wi-Fi service. It might be convenient to shop while you eat out, but that restaurant is unlikely to offer a secure Wi-Fi connection. You will want to wait until you get back home to shop.

This is because others might be able to see what you are doing on public Wi-Fi. If that happened to include shopping, then someone else using the Wi-Fi might be able to steal your payment information. Always be aware of what you are doing on public Wi-Fi to keep yourself and your privacy safe.

Why You Should Buy Online

As long as you check a website to make sure that it is safe, you should not feel nervous about buying online. There are a lot more selections to pick from, and you can find higher quality jewelry easily.

You also will not feel pressured by commissioned staff to buy something before you leave. Instead, you can take your time and think about what you want, and even come back to it days later when you made your decision. Nothing needs to be decided on right away.

We also offer returns and guarantees on the quality of our products, so you can be sure that you are making a good investment. If you are unsatisfied, do not be afraid to talk to our customer support team to work something out.

Any good website store should offer services like that. We understand that many people are nervous about online shopping when it comes to luxury items, so we want to do our best to help relieve your stress.

Staying safe online is important. We want you to know that as our customer, we value your safety and privacy. You can be certain that we have done everything in our power to make our website as secure as possible for you. We want you to feel comfortable shopping with us.


So, is it safe to buy jewelry online? It is, as long as you make sure to check the website before you make any final purchases. You will always want to take steps to protect yourself, no matter what kind of items you are shopping for.

At David Von, our website is secure, so you can breathe easy when shopping with us. We only use real materials and always make our jewelry with care. 

Remember to always check for an “https” in the address bar before buying anything online; otherwise, your information will not be secure.

But other than that, there are many benefits to online jewelry shopping! Be sure to try it out today if you are curious.

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