How to Choose Women’s Jewelry for Every Occasion

Sometimes, finding the right kind of jewelry for the occasion can be tough. We have a wide selection of beautiful jewelry at David Von, but you might be feeling overwhelmed trying to find the best piece for her.

There are many different occasions where your wife or girlfriend would want to wear jewelry. If you can think of an event where she might like something special to wear, then you can pick a piece based on that occasion. She will appreciate the gesture and enjoy having something new to wear for the event.

However, many different occasions call for different types of jewelry. It can be hard to know what is appropriate to give when. For instance, you would not want to give someone you have been dating a few months an eternity ring. If you want our advice, be sure to keep reading.

We put together this guide to help you find the best jewelry for every occasion. If you want to give her something to wear for date nights, an anniversary, or a job interview or promotion— we have collected everything that you will want to know.


Anniversaries are a time when you would want to give her a meaningful piece of jewelry. We would like to recommend that you check out our eternity rings. They represent never-ending love, making them the best anniversary gifts.

They have traditionally been given as gifts on the 60th wedding anniversary; however, it is no longer common for couples to wait that long. If you feel that the time is right, then consider giving her an eternity ring this anniversary. 

They are also traditionally worn on the left ring finger, above the engagement or wedding ring. However, many women are choosing to wear the eternity ring on other fingers today. No matter where she decides to wear it, we are certain that she will cherish it and wear it for many years to come. 

Date Nights

Do you want to give her something special to wear for an upcoming date night? What you give her will likely depend on how long you have been together. A nice necklace would be the perfect option for couples that have not been together very long. Rings should be reserved for when you have been dating longer, as they represent deep love.

On date nights, she might enjoy wearing something that really makes a statement. Our link necklace is eye-catching and beautiful. We are certain that she will want to wear it for your next date.

Job Interview or Promotion

Is she going in for an important job interview or recently got a promotion at work? Maybe you were thinking about giving her a gift to boost her confidence or celebrate her success. Jewelry can make any outfit feel much more professional, so you might want to consider giving her something nice to wear to her important meeting.

Her first impression will leave an impact during her interview. It is important that she dresses nicely, while not wearing anything too flashy. Clothes and jewelry that make her feel her most confident are still a must, however.

We think that the David Von diamond stud earring would be an excellent choice for her. They are a classic and beautiful design that looks amazing with any outfit. A light necklace would go well with it, for a professional and classy style. If you gave these to her before her big day as a surprise, she would be sure to feel very confident in herself!

If she feels that she wants more preparation, Harvard Business Review covered effective interview strategies that she can use to help her do great at the interview and feel less nervous.


Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday, and jewelry is an amazing way to do just that. The best part is that you can give her any type of jewelry— whichever style or type that you think she would love the most. There are no rules when it comes to jewelry for birthdays.

That being said, birthstones are a popular gift to give. These beautiful gemstones are a wonderful way to make her feel appreciated and remembered.

We also have many different custom bracelets and necklaces available on our webpage. Another fun birthday option would be to order her a piece of jewelry that spells out her name or has her initials on it— that way, she can feel important on her special day.

She would find it really sweet if you also sent flowers with the gift or wrote her a heartfelt birthday message in a card.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a very popular day to give the one you love jewelry. Heart shapes are always a good choice when it comes to this day. A long time ago, people believed that the heart was responsible for making you feel love. The heart symbol has a history behind it, leading to what it came to mean today.

That is why we often associate the red heart with love on Valentine’s Day. If you decide to give her one of our heart necklaces with a gorgeous bouquet of red roses, you can be sure that she will be very excited and happy to receive these gifts. 

She will be reminded of you and your love for her every time that she puts the necklace on.

Other Special Events

You can give her jewelry any time of the year; you do not have to stick to any specific day. You can give her jewelry as a surprise simply because you want to make her happy and let her know how much she means to you.

It can be difficult sometimes to know when to give jewelry in a relationship. However, you will be able to tell when the perfect time to give the one you love a sweet present. A gift of luxury jewelry is very sentimental, so you will want to be sure that you take the time to pick something that will be meaningful.

Keep in mind that most of our selection is customizable. This means that you can personalize the gift just for her— something that she will be sure to love. She will love knowing that you took the extra time to think about her and create something truly special.

Plus, receiving jewelry as a surprise is always a great feeling. You could surprise her when she gets home, hide it somewhere in the house for her to find, or give it to her with another small gift. No matter what you decide to do, we know that she will love it.


That was David Von’s advice on choosing women’s jewelry for every occasion. She will be certain to love no matter the type of jewelry you choose, as long as you give her a gift from the heart. These gifts are very sentimental and are an amazing way to remind her of the wonderful memories that the two of you share.

Check out our website if you are interested in browsing the products that we have to offer. They all are beautiful and will make your special someone smile. We have a wide selection available, so you will be able to find something for her, no matter what she likes.

If you do need help, do not hesitate to contact us when you are available. We would love to assist you in finding the perfect gift for the woman of your dreams.

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