How Do You Say Thank You to Bridesmaids?

Looking for fun and easy ways to say thank you to your group of amazing ladies you featured as bridesmaids at your wedding? Well then, look no further because this collection of stunning and simple jewelry pieces by David Von are perfect for any occasion, including “thank you” gifts for your bridesmaids.

They will love any one of the customizable pieces, ensuring a unique thank you gift. Dainty, elegant jewelry designed for a minimalist that still makes a stunning statement piece would make a great “thank you” as well. There’s truly no better way to say thank you than with your bridesmaids’ initials on a flawless David Von piece!

If you are wondering what other members of your wedding party may deserve gifts, check out these recommendations on when to give gifts to your wedding party. Whether it’s a personalized necklace or lettered stud earrings, you can say thanks to your best gal pals by giving them the gift of jewelry that’s wearable year-round and fit for any event! 

Statement Pieces

David Von has a stunning collection of simple, yet elegant statement pieces that will make any occasion one to remember for your bestie or girlfriend. David Von’s collection features simple stud earrings like the Diamond Letter Earrings that are so simple yet so personal that your bridesmaids are sure to enjoy them with any outfit, day or night! 

Your wedding was a day you’ll never forget, and it should be commemorated with gifts that will have the same lasting memory. Your bridesmaids will always treasure your special day, and a statement piece will help solidify that memory in a unique way. 

This collection features a variety to choose from like 14k yellow, white, rose gold, and silver, meaning there is something for everyone’s taste in jewelry. When saying thank you to your bridesmaids, David Von has a huge selection of customizable pieces she is sure to adore!


The David Von Jewelry collection includes a lovely variety of necklaces as well. The Side Initial Letter Necklace is available in 14k gold, white gold, and rose gold, and up to 4 letters can be added to the chain. 

Saying thank you to your bridesmaids just got sweeter with the wide selection of elegant pieces by David Von. A simple, beautiful, and personal gift for the women who made your special day all the more worthwhile. We love personalized gifts, but that’s not all there is to offer.

We love this Diamond Half Moon Necklace for the cosmic lady of the group. Delicate, dainty, and oh-so dazzling, which makes this necklace perfect for any lover of the moon or spooky babe. It comes in 16”, 18”, and 20” lengths and is available in 14k gold, white gold, and rose gold. 

Give the gift that keeps on giving like simple jewelry pieces she can wear any day of the year. The Diamond Half Moon Necklace is one of our favorite pieces to give as a “thank you” to remember that incredible wedding night dancing under the stars and moon with your beautiful bridesmaids. 


In case you thought that was all, David Von Jewelry also features a variety of stunning bracelets, like the Infinity Diamond Bracelet, that symbolizes your infinite love for your wonderful tribe of bridesmaids! 

Available in 6” and 7” chains and in a variety of 14k gold, this bracelet can be worn to dress up any outfit or add a little sparkle to your day. Say thank you with a symbol of infinity to represent your inseparable bond with your amazing group of women you got to call bridesmaids on your wedding day!

Additionally, the Letter Name Bracelet is the ultimate gift that can be paired alongside any of the David Von Jewelry pieces. You can add anywhere from 1 to 8 letters on the chain to add a personal touch or simple initials of her name. 

Whether it’s earrings that you think she will love or a simple bracelet, David Von has exceptional pieces that can be purchased online and even shipped straight to your bridesmaids’ door! It has never been easier to say, “thank you.”


Give the gift of something sweet, like these Mini Heart Diamond Studs by David Von. These simple and sweet studs are available in 14k gold, white gold, and rose gold and are the perfect touch to any outing with the girls. 

We love the idea of tiny stud earrings as the perfect gift for your bridesmaids, and David Von has multiple selections to choose from, whether it’s hearts or stars you want for your stellar babes! 

These Star-Studded Diamond Earrings make the cutest thank you gift for your bridesmaids and can be worn with any style of dress, any time of day! They are so simple but create such an adorable look that is hard to say no to. We love them, and so will she! 


Say thank you with a David Von Women’s Personalized Diamond Initial Ring available in ring sizes 2 to 11. You can choose between 14k rose gold, white gold, and gold, topped with your bridesmaid’s initial. This gift may be small, but it has a huge meaning behind its sparkling appearance. She will love this simple yet beautiful gift of thanks. 

This ring can also be stacked or paired with the David Von Stacker Ring available in ring size 4 to 9 and in a variety of 14k gold like yellow, rose, and white. We love this additional piece for its simplicity, elegance, and budget-friendly cost! Saying thank you to your bridesmaids has never been sweeter with these simple gift ideas from David Von.

Giving a gift doesn’t have to cost you a whole other wedding just to say thank you to your best gals. Your bridesmaid will feel appreciated when you say thank you with an affordable, stunning piece by David Von to match her stunning soul! 

If you need any advice on gift-giving etiquette when it comes to your bridesmaids, we’ve got you covered. 

Wrapping Up

So if you’re thinking of gifts to give your bridesmaids as a thank you for being a part of your most special day in the universe, shop David Von’s collection of pieces that are sure to be her next elegant, everyday essential! 

Saying thank you has never been easier, and pandemic friendly, with the online shopping and quick shipping, even on custom pieces. You can gift any piece of jewelry to your bridesmaids from the comfort of your home, and in total compliance with social distancing

Giving a gift of jewelry by David Von is a beautiful yet easy way to thank your bridesmaids for being the best group of gals in the universe. There is something for everyone, from simple stacker rings, to letter studded earrings, to a personalized bracelet or necklace. She will love any piece you choose because it was chosen by you. 

Thinking of saying thank you to your bridesmaids soon? Visit David Von for a wide variety of stunning jewelry pieces made for her. You’ll love the quality and elegance of these pieces so much you’ll want to include a little extra something for yourself! These easy yet beautiful gift ideas include something for everyone, no matter her style. 

The next time you are thinking of saying thanks to your best gal pals, think of David Von Jewelry for amazing pieces, designs, and customized gift ideas that she will absolutely adore.