Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

How do you find the right gift for that special woman in your life who vows there’s really nothing in particular she wants or needs? 

Gifting has been around for thousands of years, and it’s one of the most powerful forms of communicating our outward expression of love, care, concern, admiration, and appreciation to another human being. Each one of us uniquely conveys those emotions in gifted manners. 

Whether you are a gifter who goes to great lengths in finding the perfect gift or one that needs some inspiration, we have a few innovative ideas to bring a smile to her beautiful face and creatively express your love.

The Importance of Gifting Yourself

Many of us fondly remember being children sprawled out on the floor with our crayons drawing and coloring pictures. Once done, we rushed our masterpieces to our mother to present the pictures in exchange for a hug. 

As adults, we should strive to invest ourselves into gift-giving just as we did as children. Women feel embraced and genuinely loved when they receive a gift from you, which you have invested a little bit of yourself in. 

Think about how wonderful it would make that woman in your life feel if she received something that was paired with your time? The art of marrying a gift with a commitment of your time requires forethought and creativity. 

Guess what? We’ve taken a little bit of the guesswork out of this way of gifting by giving you the gift of inspiration. However, always remember that the most precious gift you can give to the woman who doesn’t want anything is your time and attention.

The Marriage of a Gift and a Little Bit of Yourself

We have some wonderful ideas in how you can creatively give a woman something that will leave lasting memories she will fondly recall. Surprise her by doing something romantic, fun, adventurous, or relaxing.


Experiential adventures leave a lasting impression with fond memories. Make that time momentous with a special gift that she will have a fond memory attached to.

Inspiration: “Come Catch a Few ‘Zs With Me”

Plan a day of thrill-seeking ziplining. Pack a picnic, plenty of cold bottled water, and your sense of adventure. Be sure before planning this type of activity that both you and she can physically handle a high dose of hiking, climbing, and exposure to heights. Give her plenty of warning to dress appropriately without giving away the surprise. 

Your Gift

Top your ziplining adventure off by giving her a token of your love to remember this special day with a beautiful David Von Steph Diamond Ring. This gorgeous ring has an open front with three diamonds positioned on each side of the opening. The opening in the ring will serve to remind her of your zip lining trip, and the diamonds on each side signify no matter how far the distance is between you both, you will always be with her. Add a bonus piece of jewelry with the diamond-encrusted line necklace!

Inspiration: “Around and Around We Go”

Most women love the adventure of racing, especially if she is one of those on the track! Spend an afternoon of go-karting, ice cream, and a sunset walk to finish off the day. 

Again, be careful to plan this adventure by taking any physical limitations or conditions into consideration because go-karting can be somewhat rough. Let her know to dress appropriately for the activity without revealing the surprise.

Your Gift

At the end of your lovely time together, surprise her with a memento to remember the day. David Von’s Infinity Diamond Bracelet has a diamond-encrusted figure 8 (the infinity circle of love) similar to the shape of a go-kart track. This bracelet conveys your never-ending love for her.

Fun and Creative

If thrill-seeking adventure is a bit too much for her or you, try something a little more laid back that is just as fun.

Inspiration: “A Pair of Picassos”

Pack a small picnic basket with a bottle of wine, a pair of goblets, some cheese and crackers, and head off to your local “sip and paint” art studio where you can both paint the evening away. Women love creative outlets where they can relax and laugh. 

Be sure to call ahead to make reservations as most of these establishments don’t take walk-ins. Let her know to dress in old clothes she doesn’t mind getting stained. 

Your Gift

You can take both of your finished paintings and have them professionally framed together for something she can hang up to gaze at and fondly remember. The chuckles she’ll get from these paintings serve as a happy reminder. 

If you want to make the event more special, you can give her a David Von Roam Diamond Ring that features an abstract art form encrusted with twinkling diamonds. 

Inspiration: Treasure Hunt

Regardless of our age, we all love treasure hunts. Women especially love them! Treasure hunts can be simple with the surprises hidden within your own backyard or extravagantly planned out with clues and gifts planted throughout a city. 

Let’s face it, most of us men may not know how to do such a thing, but you can get more detailed ideas online. 

Your Gift(s)

Some added treasures to include in your treasure hunt might include David Von’s Diamond Arrow Necklace and Bracelet. Beautiful arrow designs will remind her that she never has to search far to find your love.

Relaxing and Romantic

Romance is something every woman yearns for, and setting the stage for a time of cuddling and relaxing creates memories that last a lifetime!

Inspiration: Picnic Under the Stars

You can plan an unforgettable evening under the beautiful moon and stars if you do a little bit of planning ahead. Be sure to check the calendar for the moon phases and your local weather forecast. Find a location that’s perfect for spreading a blanket out to enjoy the gorgeous night sky as you share a basket of goodies.

Your Gift(s)

What better way to remind her of this romantic evening than David Von’s Half Moon Diamond Necklace or Star-Studded Diamond Necklace? She will cherish it always.

Inspiration: “Meet Me in the Hammock"

Leave her a special note asking her to join you in the hammock in the backyard at a certain time. For an evening under the sky, scattered candles and soft background music frames the perfect romantic setting. Or you can both curl up with your morning coffee and swing away and gaze at the morning sky, contemplating your day ahead. 

Your Gift

If she is all about simplicity, spending time in the hammock is perfect. Giving her something that makes a simple statement of your time in the yard with a David Von Diamond By-the-Yard Necklace.

For Mom, Auntie, or Grandmother

Romance and adventure may go hand-in-hand with the women in your life who had a hand in raising you, but they also may not be interested in that. 

For these women, we love, admire, and respect, it isn’t easy to give them the perfect gift. They are more prone to say they don’t want anything because, in essence, they have everything they could possibly want. 

Giving of your time and attention is very important with mothers, aunties, and grandmothers. The intangible things in life are what they value the most.

Inspiration: “High Tea”

Women love to partake in lavish, luxurious things they would not otherwise do on a normal basis. 

Spoil them by taking them to high tea where they can daintily sip on various teas and peach bellinis while enjoying delicate tea cakes and sandwiches. 

Depending on where you make a reservation for high tea, there may be a dress code in which you want to make sure you let her know to dress appropriately. 

Although this is not an event all men would enjoy, doing it for her is something she won’t forget! What better way to give her a gift of a timeless classic than a David Von Diamond Pearl Necklace.

Time is a Precious Gift For Any Woman

Instead of standing in the middle of a store trying to figure out what to buy the woman who wants nothing, try giving her your time and attention. You can’t box that up or tie a ribbon around it, but it is something she will cherish always. The highest form of expressing your love is through the giving of yourself.

At David Von, we love helping people create experiences with timeless pieces of jewelry. Call us today to find the perfect expression of your love for the woman in your life!