Buying Jewelry Online: a How-To Guide

Are you interested in buying jewelry online but are not sure what to do? This how-to guide from David Von breaks the process down, so you can shop to your heart’s content. 

There are many benefits to shopping for jewelry online, including lower prices, more options, and payment options. However, you will want to be sure that you are being safe. Not every jewelry store you find online is legit or has your best interest in mind.

You can be assured that David Von is a secure and safe website to purchase from. We always update to include the most secure features on our webpage- so you can feel comfortable shopping with us from home.

This guide will let you know what to look for and what steps to take when buying jewelry online. There is a lot that we want to cover, so let us get started.

Why Buy Jewelry Online?

There are many reasons why you may want to start ordering your jewelry online. Luxury jewelry can be expensive; however, it is often much more cost-effective to buy from the company’s webpage. How does this happen?

Dropshipping is when an online store lists images of their products and only orders them when a customer buys one. This reduces the need for storage space and the risk of having too much inventory— allowing for the price to be lower. We partnered with a production house to help you save more, so you can be sure you are getting beautiful, quality jewelry at a fair price when you shop with us.

Plus, ordering from the comfort of your home is much more convenient than having to go in-person to a store. Your purchases can be delivered right to your front door, saving you a lot of time and energy. You can also spend more time picking out the item without feeling pressured by a salesperson.

Finally, many stores offer a wider selection online. Since they can use drop shipping instead of paying to have the items stored, they can provide a much broader range of jewelry. Many brick and mortar stores also feel uncomfortable having a large amount of inventory in their building at a time. 

This is because they are taking more risks by having more precious gemstones inside. Ordering online saves everyone a lot of hassle and time, making it much more efficient.

Getting Started

Find a Secure Store

First, you will want to be sure that you find a safe store to buy from. Our website is very secure, so you can use it as an example. If you visit our homepage, you will notice that the address bar at the top of your screen will have a lock on it.

Does the site you are on have a review page? Always check the reviews and be suspicious of sites that do not have them. You can read our reviews on our Happy Customers page.

You always want to check for that lock symbol before you make any purchases online. If the site is not secure, you might be at risk of having your information stolen. You will want to be informed on online shopping safety tips, as they can make a huge difference in your experience and safety.

Remember Tax and Shipping

When buying online, you will want to consider tax and shipping costs as part of your budget. Jewelry is usually very light, meaning that shipping costs can be low. However, the sales tax can be much higher than you might realize.

This is because the tax is based on the cost of jewelry, so if you opt to buy something more expensive, then the tax will be higher as well. This can be expected of any product, but it is still important to consider when thinking about setting a budget.

Ask for Certificates

Many luxury jewelry stores will also offer you some type of certificate to show that the product is quality. When buying online, you will want to be certain that you are getting what you pay for. These certificates are always issued by unbiased gemologists who work in labs.

For example, the American Gem Society offers reports that let you know the jewelry is genuine. 

Get a Warranty

Sometimes packages get lost in the mail or what you get is not what you expected. You only want to buy from companies that can assure you that their products are of good quality. Warranties are a good way to ensure that your jewelry is covered.

You will want to check if the warranty costs extra or if it is only for a limited amount of time. Some companies will ask for extra money to extend the warranty. Many brands also offer to repolish and other cleaning services that you can make use of under the warranty for free.

No matter what you buy online, you will want to consider getting a warranty— especially for jewelry. If you plan on wearing it often, then you will want to know that your investment is secure.

Paying and Financing

Once you have picked your jewelry, you can pay for it from your cart. Most legit online jewelry stores offer interest-free financing plans, so you do not have to pay for the entire purchase upfront.

David Von offers QuadPay, a service that allows you to split your payment into four installments. This can make buying luxury jewelry more accessible to people and helps keep you from paying a high-cost upfront.

QuadPay is interest-free as well, meaning that you do not need to worry about paying more for the jewelry than it is worth.

When shopping through other online stores, you will want to be certain that you understand how their payment system works. “Do they have interest?” and “How often do I make the payments?” are both things you should be looking for. That way, you do not get a bill you were not expecting later.

Wait for Delivery

Now that you ordered, you simply need to wait! We will let you know how long until you can expect your order to arrive on your receipt.

Be Wary of Low Prices

Discounts, sales, and coupons are all wonderful to take advantage of. However, you will still want to be aware of low prices. Some suspicious companies will try to lure you in with low prices, but the quality of the product is also not as good as what you would expect.

When a deal seems too good to be true, be wary. Jewelry with small defects or damages can be sold at a lower price. You would not want to buy something that would not last you or is not what you expected through the images you saw on the website.


Other than that, you buy jewelry much the same way as other goods when shopping online. You will want to think about the styles that you want as well as how much you are willing to spend for high quality, luxury jewelry.

You will also want to be certain that you only are ordering from secure sites. Otherwise, you might not get the item you expected or might even have your data stolen. We take the steps necessary to ensure that your information is safe, so you can feel comfortable shopping with us.

Please contact us if you want help in finding certain products on our website or have questions for us. Our team would love to help you with anything that you need!

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