What Should I Get My Bridesmaids for Gifts?

Your wedding is a special time that you will never forget. And a big part of that is your bridesmaids and the role that they play in the wedding. As such, you want to be sure that you let them know just how important they are to you. 

Bridesmaids are often your closest friends and family, so you should have no trouble finding excellent gift ideas for them. But with so much to choose from and so many ideas, just the thought of it can be a little overwhelming. 

Fear not, for you can rest easy. Our close-knit team here at David Von has done all the digging for you and come up with some of the best bridesmaids gifts around.

Initial Bezel Diamond Bracelet

For your closest gals, nothing says you care quite like our David Von Initial Bezel Diamond Bracelet. This breathtaking piece features your choice of 1 to 3 letters so you can customize each bracelet for your fellow sisters.

We design these bracelets with an SI1 natural diamond, with each letter featuring a 0.10 total carat weight. The diamond bezel is .06 total carat weight with solid 14K gold chain and settings. 

We offer this stunning bracelet in yellow, white, or rose gold so you can be sure to find the perfect jewelry to complement your bridesmaids’ dresses.

Matching Robes

You might want to jump on this gift idea while it’s hot. Brides and bridesmaids everywhere are buying these up and for good reason. They are not only cute and comfy to lounge around in, but they also add character to your big day.

Not only that, but these robes will give your bridesmaids something to remember your wedding day by, as they can be used well after you’ve gotten married.

What’s more, each robe is incredibly affordable. There is a huge selection of colors and prints to choose from, too. So you can be sure to find something unique that suits the theme of your wedding day.

Two Diamond Open Ring

David Von has done it again! Our Two Diamond Open Ring is something special to behold. Your bridesmaids will flip when they see this amazing gift. We create each ring with your choice of 14K yellow, rose, or white gold.

Two diamonds adorn every ring, making your bridesmaids feel incredibly blessed to be a part of your wedding. 

The Ultimate Spa Kit

Your bridesmaids are going to need to take a load off after your big day has wrapped up. What better way to treat your sisters and friends than by gifting them with their very own spa kit? 

These specially made gift baskets come loaded with skin, and lip balms, soap, and bath salt. Talk about relaxing! Your bridesmaids will feel the weight of the chaos melt away as they drift into deep relaxation.

Personalized Cosmetic Bags

Every woman needs a handy storage bag to keep their beauty care products in. with Personalized Cosmetic Bags, your bridesmaids will have a customized tote to store all of their belongings for easy access. 

Adorned with their name, these bags prevent confusion and make it easy for each bridesmaid to find what’s theirs.

Handmade Wooden Frames

Why not gift each girl with a touching picture of the two of you together? With the Handmade Wooden Frames gift collection, each of your bridesmaids will always have something to remember you by. 

Each frame is customizable with your choice of colors, bows, and more. And since they are at such a great price, you could give one to all of your close friends.

Matching Slippers

This is another cute and cuddly gift that never seems to get old among brides and bridesmaids. If you’re getting matching robes, you have to get matching slippers to go with them!

This footwear will be a welcome sight after the wedding is over. Your gals can finally kick off their heels and slip into something more comfortable. Their feet will thank you.

Personalized Compact Mirror

The Personalized Compact Mirror is a touching and thoughtful present that is sure to be a hit among your ‘maids. This handy gift is sure to be put to good use, from checking makeup to fixing hair.

You choose the names that go on each individual mirror, making this a gift that is sure to not be forgotten.

Personalized Clutch

This is a fun accessory that is sure to be loved for its adorable design. Like the compact mirrors above, you can have each clutch personalized with the names of your bridesmaids, ensuring that they will always have their most important belonging in reach.

Even better, there are countless colors and styles to choose from, so you can be sure to find the perfect clutch for each of your girls.

Custom Hair Clip

These trendy hair clips are just the ticket for keeping messy hair in line. Toss one of these personalized clips into a gift bag or gift them on their own. They are so unique and fun that your bridesmaids are sure to get a kick out of them.

Personalized Decorative Plate

This is a nice gift idea to send home with your closest gals. Personalized Decorative Plates make a great way to commemorate the day or your wedding, too.

These classy plates are elegant enough to leave up as decoration all year-round. Hang them on a wall or stand them up on an end table.

Bridesmaid Gift Crate

Gift Crates are an ideal gift idea for your wedding day. These boxes can be packed with perfumes, candles, bracelets, and more. 

If you want to give your ‘maids a gift that they can surely put to good use, bridesmaid gift crates are the way to go. There’s something in these boxes for everyone, so you can be sure to please everyone.

Beauty or Cosmetic Collection

Similar to the Ultimate Spa Kit, a collection of beauty items is an excellent way to tell your girls to take a load off after your big day and pamper themselves. 

Include with face care products that will give your bridesmaids a rosy glow. Have them get rid of the makeup and treat their faces to these beauty essentials. A lip scrub removes dead skin cells to leave their lips feeling vibrant and luscious so they can get off all the lipstick from the ceremony.

Weekend Bag

These cute travel bags are great for carrying all of your personal belongings without having to pack a bunch of extra suitcases. You can choose to have each bag embroidered with each bridesmaids’ initials, so everyone knows which bag belongs to them.

Bridesman Cuff Links

Don’t forget the men in your wedding! With this classy gift, your bridesmen will feel like one of the gang. There’s nothing quite like fresh cuff links to spice up a nice suit, and the special men in your wedding will be sure to appreciate the thoughtful touch.

Custom Phone Case

Hand out personalized cell phone cases to each of your girls for a gift that is sure to be put to plenty of use. Available in a variety of colors and styles, you can be sure to find one that suits the tastes of each of your bridesmaids.


For more unique and thoughtful gift ideas, be sure to visit David Von. We pride ourselves in providing super-low prices on our extensive fine jewelry collections. With our prices and custom selections, you’re sure to find what you need for your big day.