5 Custom Jewelry Pieces Perfect for Pet Lovers

Our pets are a very important part of our lives. They offer endless love and companionship, which is something absolutely incredible. This enrichment and the love we feel for them creates a bond that lasts their entire life. It is truly something special and worth commemorating. 

Let’s take a look at five custom jewelry pieces from David Von that are perfect for pet lovers to give you some inspiration for a custom piece in honor of the little friends that make life a bit more special. 

Plus, it is super on-trend right now to wear nameplates and other personalized pieces, especially stunning, high-quality pieces like the David Von line!

1. Women's Personalized Diamond Initial Ring

A simple and understated way to bring your pet with you, this absolutely adorable personalized diamond ring is designed to offer a continuous reminder. These can be set to any initial, be it your own, your child’s, your partner’s, or even your puppy, cat, snake, or whatever other loved ones you may have waiting for you at home.

Made of 14k solid Italian import gold and earth-mined, natural diamonds, this ring is a stunning, classic product crafted with the wearer in mind. It is comfortable and designed to hug the finger perfectly. The letters are elevated and sized to prevent the design from irritating the fingers during regular wear, increasing the wearability of this product. 

You can choose between 12k yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold for your metal tone and use any letter in the English alphabet for the initial. These are perfect for stacking to create full words or to represent multiple people and look stunning in photos due to the light-catching cut of the stones. Plus, you can find this product in sizes ranging from 2 to 11, with half sizes available for inclusivity purposes.

As a piece of handcrafted jewelry, you cannot go wrong with this stunning option. 

2. Initial Bezel Diamond Bracelet

For those who want something delicate and simple, this pretty, posh Initial Bezel Diamond Bracelet is a fantastic product that is easily customized to fit up to three initials on a single strand of chain. The diamonds are the classic David Von earth-mined diamonds that are cut to catch the light and sparkle brilliantly. 

Despite being dainty, the chain is incredibly durable and suitable for everyday wear. With proper care, this is a fantastic investment piece that will last a lifetime due to its carefully created nature and the fact that it was handcrafted by professionals. 

You can choose between classic yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold for this product and include up to three letters. The length of the chain is also customizable, with six and seven-inch options available to fit a wide range of wrist sizes. 

3. Dainty Diamond Letter Double Chain Bracelet

For those looking for something a little more impactful and noticeable, this double chain letter bracelet is a great statement piece. You can choose up to six letters, making it great for using your pet’s full name, and have the option to choose between 14k gold, white gold, and rose gold to suit your metal preferences. 

There are two different chain lengths, at six and seven inches, to suit multiple wrist sizes, and, due to the durable, handmade nature of these products, you can rest assured that both chains will hold up to even daily wear. 

This product is designed as a statement piece that is still dainty, easy to style, and perfect for regular wear without taking away from other aspects of an outfit, making it a great gifting option due to its versatility. If you love your pet and want them with you all the time, this double chain diamond bracelet is an excellent choice. 

4. 14K Diamond Nameplate Necklace

If necklaces are more your forte, this gorgeous 14k gold nameplate option is a definite must-have for a sweet reminder about your best friend. Designed as a classic cursive nameplate necklace, this product is easy to style and understated enough that it can go with almost any look. 

The classic diamond and gold combo makes for a classy design that can be worn anywhere. 

Choose between classic yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold to complement your diamonds for a luxe look. You can also choose your desired chain length, with options set at sixteen inches, eighteen inches, and twenty inches to suit your preference. The brand can fit up to ten letters on the necklace, too, making it perfect for any name or nickname your pet may have. 

This is an adorable, high-quality piece that is made with durable gold chaining and a stunning, dainty cursive font that holds the diamonds perfectly. This is an excellent gift option that is easy to style and suitable for a wide range of clothing styles and aesthetics. 

5. 14k Gold Diamond Letter Medallion

If you do not want the entire name on display or would like a smaller necklace, this 14k gold diamond letter medallion is a much more discrete option that is suitable for a host of different outfits and is easy to style and wear. 

Perfect for everyday wear, this product is made of high-quality 14k gold that can be customized to be yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold like most other David Von jewelry pieces. Additionally, the simple gold medallion is petite but large enough to hold any single letter, making it perfect for showcasing your pet’s love on a smaller but still heartfelt scale. 

This product is available in two chain lengths, one that is adjustable between sixteen and eighteen inches, and a second that’s measured at twenty inches, making for a perfect inclusive product for treating yourself or for gifting. This is a perfect contemporary piece that can hold a true value; you cannot go wrong with this classic craftsman product. Contemporary jewelry applies modern and traditional techniques to bring a concept to life.

About David Von

David Von is a high-quality producer of jewelry using natural, earth-mined diamonds and stunning 14k gold. With the goal of creating jewelry pieces that are viable investments that can last a lifetime, these handcrafted pieces are perfect for those looking for something made to last and aesthetically pleasing. 

At David Von, the experience of purchasing jewelry is an important part of the process. We recognize the desire for uniqueness and sentimentality and offer many customizable products. These provided here are just a selection of the entire inventory, and if you are interested, there are many more options for unique, personalized pieces available for sale. 

We strive to be an inclusive brand that is available to all walks of life. Due to this, we mix an inventory of contemporary pieces and modern trendy items to ensure we can cater to our clients perfectly. This is also why we offer such inclusive product sizing options and offer multiple different lengths for chains and fittings. 

We want you to look and feel your best and are working to provide stunning jewelry pieces to help you out.

We look forward to helping you create your dream piece of jewelry and cannot wait to get started on your custom piece. As a handcrafted, artisan retailer, we promise to always provide you with the best, one of a kind pieces to accent your unique taste. At David Von, we create pieces just as unique as our customer base. We can’t wait to work with you!